Anguilla, Seascape, Arch, Ocean, Sea

Paradise Arch

Anguilla, Caribbean

Photo © copyright by Lawrence Leyderman.

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Museum Float - Fuji Crystal Archive / Truelife® Acrylic / Diasec Bond

Museum Float - Fuji Crystal Archive / Truelife® Acrylic / Diasec Bond


Fujiflex Crystal Archive Paper with a Trulife acrylic facemount brings my artwork to life like no other with a highly detailed 3D effect. It makes you feel like you can touch whatever you are looking at. The level of depth and dimensionality goes far beyond anything else out there. These prints can be found in museums and galleries worldwide.

Fujiflex Crystal Archive Paper has a layer that is infused with silver halide crystals that add a glow when light hits. The paper brings unbelievable resolution, clarity, detail, and vibrancy, along with a 3D effect to your photo that can appear backlit and holographic. It is archival lasting over 120 years with an incredible color gamut.

Optically clear Trulife Acrylic virtually eliminates all reflections allowing you to see exactly what's intended. This acrylic is at the top of the line for artwork and blocks 99% of UV rays while transmitting 98% of light. Trulife Acrylic also has anti-static properties that minimize the collection of dust on the artwork. adding even more depth to the image.

This option comes ready to hang. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

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