Art In Your Home

"Art makes a house a home. Nature-art makes a home a sanctuary."

Why have art in your home?

One of the hallmarks of the modern era is that every day, our schedules get just a little bit busier.
A little more hectic. A little more stress-filled. Each day, we spend a little more time answering
emails, organizing calendars, checking our phones, and running from meeting to appointment.
We rarely getting a chance to stop and just enjoy the world around us.

Not surprisingly, this has resulted in an unrelenting wave of anxiety and depression impacting
every corner of our lives, making us ever more mentally fatigued (which then makes keeping up
with our never-ending to-do lists harder, which leads to more anxiety and depression, and on and
on it goes).

Studies show that exposure to the natural world can help to mitigate the effects of this modern-
day malaise. When we get a daily dose of the outdoors, anxiety levels drop, mood improves, and
the largest physiological stress indicators (blood pressure, cortisol, and adrenaline levels)
typically show marked improvement. 1 Not that we needed studies to tell us this – we all know
that digging our toes into the grass or sitting in a field of daisies creates a sense of well-being.
There’s a reason why the old cliché instructs us to “stop and smell the roses!”

The problem is, we can’t stop. The demands on our time are so pressing, who has time for more
than an occasional hike or a few days' vacation here and there? Because there are always a few
more tasks that need to be accomplished, a little more work that needs to be done, a notification
(or 12) on our phones that demands our attention.

Luckily, recent studies offer a solution – if we can’t take ourselves outside, we can bring the
outside in to us! It turns out that our brains perceive representations of natural landscapes as
though they’re the actual landscapes themselves. Recent research has demonstrated that looking
at images of nature decreases stress, improves concentration, calms the central nervous system,
and generally improves mood. While these conclusions seem like common sense (the idea that
nature is relaxing isn’t exactly news), the specific results are fascinating. While going out into
the wilderness is the most beneficial option, looking at depictions of it is a pretty good

And nothing reflects nature’s magnificence as perfectly as a photograph! Landscape photography
captures the entire spectrum of its beauty, from its grandest, most awe-inspiring vistas to its
minutest unique details. This is why I dedicated my career to this artform. I feel privileged to
bring a slice of nature directly into people’s homes, hopefully helping them to find moments of
wonder, joy, and contentment in their everyday lives.

Here are some examples of how adding a piece of art to your home can breathe life into it -