The Artist

Lawrence Leyderman is a master of capturing the untamed beauty of nature through his photography, transforming fleeting moments into timeless fine art. His profound connection with the natural world is vividly reflected in his stunning landscape photography, each piece a testament to his dedication to exploring and immortalizing the beauty of the great outdoors.

Renowned for his commitment to authenticity, Lawrence spends most of his year in the heart of nature, living in a custom-outfitted Jeep. This immersive lifestyle not only fuels his creative vision but also deeply influences his photography workshops and tours, offering participants a unique, hands-on learning experience.

Distinctive in his approach, Lawrence ventures beyond the conventional. He seeks out the uncharted and the untouched, capturing the essence of remote, rarely photographed locales. His work is a celebration of the road less traveled, showcasing the extraordinary beauty of hidden gems of the landscape.

Lawrence's passion for photography extends into the realm of fine art prints, perfect for adorning the walls of homes. His prints are more than just images; they are gateways to distant lands, offering viewers a slice of the world's untouched beauty. Each print is meticulously crafted, ensuring that the essence and vibrancy of the original scene are preserved, turning living spaces into galleries of the natural world.

Before embracing this adventurous path, Lawrence was a skilled Real Estate and Architectural photographer in New York City, a craft he still enjoys occasionally. However, his true calling lies in inspiring others through his art. He encourages everyone to not only appreciate the beauty of our planet but to bring a piece of it into their homes through his fine art prints.

Lawrence Leyderman is not just a photographer; he is an artist, an explorer, and a creator of visual stories that resonate with the soul. His work invites us to journey with him, to see the world through his lens, and to bring a piece of that world into our lives.