Whats in my Jeep

June 6th 2023

Hey guys, my name is Lawrence Leyderman (@overlandingphotography) – I’m a photographer, explorer, overlander, outdoor junkie, and part-time nomad. The feeling I get from being out in nature is second to none. Exploring the great outdoors, and inspiring others to do the same are my passions. The challenge of getting to and capturing remote, yet exquisite landscapes in a dramatic fashion has been and always will be my dream!

When I’m out there in nature shooting, I forget about everything. I disappear into the moment, transcend into another world, get hyper focused, excited, happy and more present than ever. I’m absolutely addicted to every aspect of photography and the great outdoors – the planning, scouting, execution, shooting, processing, & then ultimately sharing, teaching, & inspiring. I love testing myself creatively, mentally, and physically. Waking up before the rest of the world to catch the sunrise and going to bed after everyone is already asleep. Exploring places I’ve never been in the dark, and braving storms to catch a dramatic sunset - the thrill and rush of it all makes me feel so alive.

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Gear Layout - Sony 2022
Gear Layout - Sony 2022
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