HD Metal Prints

Our HD Metal Float is printed on beautiful Fuji Crystal Archive emulsion and sealed between solid aluminum and the most amazing high-gloss UV protective laminate you have ever laid eyes on.

This HD Metal float process involves several meticulous steps to create a visually stunning final product. Here's a breakdown of the process:

1. Printing on Fujiflex Crystal Pro Archive Maxima Paper: The image is initially printed on this high-quality paper, known for its superb color reproduction and deep blacks.

2. Mounting on Aluminum: The printed paper is then adhered to a solid aluminum sheet, adding durability and a sleek metallic look.

3. Sealing with UV Protective Laminate: A high-gloss, ultra-glossy UV protective laminate is applied over the print. This not only enhances the visual impact but also protects the image from UV damage, ensuring long-term preservation.

4. Adding a Polyethylene Core and Another Aluminum Layer: A black polyethylene core is added to the back for additional stability, followed by another layer of aluminum. This multilayer construction contributes to the print's durability and modern aesthetic.

- Superior Quality Over Traditional Metal Prints: Unlike standard metal prints where the image is directly printed onto aluminum, this process involves a chromogenic latent image print, offering higher detail and consistency.

- Advantages Over Acrylic Facemounts: While offering the sharpness, contrast, and detail of acrylic facemounts, this method is lighter, more cost-effective, and provides the sophisticated look of aluminum.

- Ready to Hang with a Float mount and a French Cleet or with an Aluminum Rail Mount.

- Production and Delivery Time: Expect a production and delivery timeline of 3 to 4 weeks for this art piece.

This HD Metal float method clearly elevates the standard of metal prints, providing a luxurious and high-quality option for displaying images. The combination of materials and the meticulous process result in a product with exceptional visual quality and durability, making it a fantastic choice for fine art presentations.