About Lawrence Leyderman

Lawrence lives on the road full time as an overlanding outdoor photographer. He is location independent, & roams the earth on the look out for exquisite landscapes that he captures in creative ways. Combining his two biggest passions has led to him living the life of his dreams every single day. Photography and living on the road are the dream.

Calling Lawrence a passionate photographer is an understatement. He eats, breathes, and dreams about photography. Not only does he love photography, he loves adventure, exploration and thrives in the challenge of getting an incredible shot. Not the standard shot that everyone else takes, and not in the standard locations that everyone else goes. Not to say that he doesn’t enjoy photographing beautiful arches in Utah that have been photographed a million times over, but he really enjoys going to places that are rarely shot, & rarely explored. He likes to go to places that are challenging to get to and to capture their beauty.

Creating is everything to him..,. be it creating an experience, or creating a work of art; creating friendships or creating memories. To Lawrence, the term creation goes beyond what people normally refer to as creation. To him, everything is a creation, including the life you live, and every moment of it.

Prior to being an educator, leading photography workshops, and living on the road, Lawrence was a full time Real Estate and Architectural photographer in New York City. He still enjoys the occasional real estate shoot.

Above all else, Lawrence wants to be an inspiration to others to not only create the life of their dreams, but to get outdoors, create art, unforgettable memories, enjoy nature, and the beautiful earth that we live on.